Has the world become overly dependent on computers?

Did you know that in the next two decades a huge number of jobs will  be replaced by software automation?

3946711702_sci0804irobot_A_answer_1_xlarge(Image source: http://www.sodahead.com)

Well, that’s a fact that we  should know about. Bill Gates believes that there will be a huge changes that will take place 20 years from now. This is what he said on the American Enterprise Institute on Thursday in Washington, DC:

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses … it’s progressing… Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set. …  20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-bots-are-taking-away-jobs-2014-3)

Can you imagine by now what would happen in the near future? Humans will be replaced by bots because of our dependability on computers and other computer-related technologies. That’s how rapid evolution of technology is. I think, we are becoming more and more dependent on computer-related technologies as time passes by.

11667252_10153472602408787_4208971423657980606_n(Image source: Gamezhero’s photos on Timeline via Facebook.com)

Some of us may not have notice it, but that’s the reality that is currently happening right now. According to the study of Shu, Tu and Wang (2011) they noticed that people are becoming dependent on using computer-related technologies at work which resulted to computer dependency and technostress. These advancements in technology brought dependability of human beings that resulted not only the de-skilling of the people but also making the life of the people sedentary.

Walle-human-sheeple(Image source: http://www.weknowstuff.us.com)

I believe that we are being dependent on computers because people are keeping on upgrading things to make life much easier. Everything in our world today are mostly associated with computer-related technologies.

unnamed (Image source: http://www.memegenerator.net)

We can now buy foods online, shop online, talk online and play online. These are some of the many things we can do with computers.

unnamed (Image source: http://www.chipsip.com)

Computers that can be found on hospitals, transportation, businesses, schools, malls and etc are just few of the many establishments where computers are significant. The importance of computers can be measured on how many people are using it every single day (source: http://www.pixuffle.net/the-importance-of-computers-in-our-daily-lives).

unnamed (2) (Image source: http://www.reddit.com)

Large-scale businesses stored their valuable datum on computers. Computers have been the extension of our human body. Have you ever feel frustrated, angry or sad whenever you fully consumed the battery life of your smartphones? Thats one proof that we are somehow connected to computers. Some of you might think that we are not overly dependent on technology, but actually we are. Its easy to tell that we can live without computers but the reality is,  its hard to live without computers especially nowadays that technology is within our reach. Have you observed that even today that technology is still progressing, we are being so dependent on it? I’m thinking about what if computer-related technologies would be in its full shape? Would the world be similar to the sci-fi movie Star Wars with all the laser guns and high-tech gadgets?

maxresdefault (Image source: http://www.YouTube.com)

Or would it turn out to be like another sci-fi movie entitled Wall-e where the world would be filled with e-waste and people would be living in a spacecraft ruled by robots?


(Image source: edwardboyleanimation.tumbler.com)

Well who knows, only time can tell.


12 thoughts on “Has the world become overly dependent on computers?

  1. Yes, I agree with you. It would be fun watching our world turn into a sci-fi one but it could affect our lives a lot if that would happen. Keep it up! 🙂

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  2. Your attached images caught my attention.. Before I realize I was just looking on the images only and I forgot to read your blog but don’t worry I scanned it. And all I can say is our conclusion is the same. 🙂

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  3. Your blog is good. Computers are not bad all the time because it has good effect in the industry but we should watch ourselves because there’s also some times that it can harm our bodies.


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